Our Advantage

We save our clients time and money by managing and mitigating design, construction and environmental risk, which maximizes investment returns.

  1. We have a track record of saving time and money, and have honed our craft over 20+ years in the industry, which includes $1B in investment due diligence and $2B in completed development.
  2. We take a practical approach, guided by best practices and a focus on identifying and mitigating risk. We’re able to identify what’s important from a technical standpoint, and draw upon a combination of technical, business, legal and insurance solutions to mitigate risk.
  3. We understand commercial real estate investment and management, which allows us to tailor services to the needs of the investment strategy, and translate technical findings to the business case. Our principal, Leland Nakaoka, ran Development Management for BlackRock Realty Advisors (NYSE: BLK) in the western and central US for 11 years.
  4. We’re passionate and dedicated, and it shows in our work. We have numerous testimonials that we can share upon request.