Acquisitions Due Diligence & Investor’s Representative Services

Acquisitions Due Diligence

Achieving risk-adjusted returns is at the heart of any successful real estate investment. To accomplish this, an investor needs to be able to answer the question “What’s my risk?” – and more importantly, “What should I do about it?”

Properly scoped and executed Due Diligence provide answers to those questions, and arm an investor with knowledge and an action plan to mitigate risk. While it is not possible to know everything about a property prior to purchase, an experienced assessor can draw on knowledge of building systems, environmental regulations, and development and construction best practices to maximize the accuracy of the investment underwriting and outline a plan to mitigate risk during the hold period.

Pacific Development Services has extensive experience conducting engineering and environmental due diligence on over $1B of commercial property acquisitions. We are skilled at identifying and mitigate risk on all investment strategies and most commercial product types.


  • Core
  • Value-add
  • Development

Product Types:

  • Multifamily
  • Healthcare
  • IndustrialOffice
  • Retail

Investor’s Representative Services

Real Estate Development is one of the most complex professional endeavors in existence. It requires the collaboration of numerous professional disciplines, vendors and trades, each with differing motives and interests. Add the potential for conflict between Investor and Developer in a traditional Joint Venture relationship, and the goal of completing a project “on time” and “under budget” become elusive, if not unachievable without proper guidance and management.

The Principals of Pacific Development Services have successfully completed over 50 ground-up developments and renovation projects totaling $2B in project cost, as Investor’s or Owner’s Representative. We are experienced and adept at evaluating and managing complex endeavors, in a manner that minimizes risk and maximizes return to the Investor.

Services include:

  • Due Diligence: evaluation of potential JV development partner, proposed design and construction teams, and progress drawings, budget and schedule. Deliverable is a comprehensive report that details risk and recommends mitigants.
  • Contract structure and Negotiation: including Development and related portions of Joint Venture Agreements, Architect and Designer agreements, and affiliated and third party General Contractor agreements.
  • Preconstruction and Construction: Investor’s representation during these critical project phases, including enforcement of Investor’s Major Decision rights and Cost and Completion Guarantees provided by the JV Developer.

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